About Us

Fleet Management Solutions, Inc. (FMS) provides complete GPS mobile asset tracking and management systems to the Energy, Government, NGO, Construction, Mining and Logistics industries.

FMS GPS tracking solutions include vehicle tracking units, satellite airtime for data transmission, a Web-hosted application for complete fleet management and professional services to insure successful deployment and on-going support.

Rapid ROI

FMS systems typically provide return on investment in less than one year and can immediately provide value upon installation. Operational savings alone provide cost justification, but asset and driver safety factors are often the business drivers.

All-Satellite Technology

All-Satellite Technology Unconstrained by the limitations of cellular technology for transmission of vehicle data, FMS combines GPS technology with two-way satellite communications and Web-based data access to deliver a total Mobile Resource Management system.

Global Reputation for Success

FMS has excelled in filling the needs of multinational companies, government and non-governmental organizations operating in remote parts of the world where information infrastructure is limited or non-existent. Global coverage and near real-time performance insure that applications requiring immediate information for safety, security and cost savings measures are fully addressed.

FMS delivers rugged, reliable turnkey solutions providing customers with rapid ROI associated with fuel savings, more efficient asset utilization, safety and liability, while reducing the risk of theft. FMS is headquartered in San Luis Obispo, California, with distribution partners in more than 75 countries.

FMS supports local San Luis Obispo organizations devoted to economic and technical development in the area.