Fleet Management Solutions® Systems Integrate with Homeland Security Enterprise Tools To Enhance Operational Efficiency

Team Completes FMS Fleet Director Global Link to ICE/ERO Mission Critical Applications

SAN LUIS OBISPO, California, June 29, 2010 – Fleet Management Solutions, Inc. (FMS) announces the completion of integration with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of Enforcement and Removal (ERO) Vehicle Management Information Systems (VMIS) and FlyteComm FrontsightTM. Implementation of the FMS equipment and Web services integration of FMS Fleet Director Global with ERO enterprise applications is delivering the operational readiness, mission effectiveness and cost reductions anticipated when the project began one year ago.

ERO promotes public safety and national security by ensuring the departure of all removable aliens from the U.S. through the fair and effective enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws. ERO has installed the FMS GPS tracking device, which transmits position, direction, speed and other telematic data for user-specified events and reporting in more than half of the 4,600 vehicles within the ERO fleet. Data is sent through the Iridium satellite network to the FMS Fleet Director Global Web server, permitting dispatch centers to securely login and closely monitor the vehicles’ location, movements and status.

The integration project now provides FMS Fleet Director Global data seamlessly to ERO VMIS which uses the AssetWorks enterprise asset management application to manage the entire population of ERO assets. Accurate and timely accountability of fleet assets is critical to mission success. With the annual cost of fuel and maintenance for the fleet at more than $20 million, it is an important area of efficiency improvement for DHS.

“The data being gathered from FMS for use in VMIS is reducing the overall cost of fleet maintenance and providing fleet efficiencies that enable us to meet federal mandates,” said Charles “Chuck” Welke, ERO Fleet Inventory and Communications Unit. ERO uses Federal Prison Industries, known as UNICOR, to provide the baseline information into the Vehicle Management Information System (VMIS), which manages all ERO vehicular assets.

FMS Fleet Director Global is also integrated with the ERO FlyteComm FrontsightTM service which provides the Agency’s air and ground common operational picture. “We are pleased with the results of the integration between FlyteComm Frontsight and the FMS real-time fleet data,” stated Maurice Bailey, President and CEO for FlyteComm. “This enlarges the view of operations at strategic ERO locations and supports the efficient operation of their entire asset base.”

“We understand the pressures federal agencies are under to achieve operational readiness and mission effectiveness while reducing costs,” said Cliff Henley, CEO of FMS. “With this integration ERO can combine real-time vehicle location, movement and status information with complementary mission critical asset management and tracking applications to enhance and streamline strategic operations.”

Meet the team and learn more about the Homeland Security implementation at FedFleet

2010, July 13-15, in Phoenix, AZ. http://www.fedfleet.org/

About the Department of Homeland Security Office of Enforcement and Removal

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of Enforcement and Removal (ERO) (http://www.ice.gov/index.htm) is the primary enforcement arm within Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), for the identification, apprehension and removal of illegal aliens from the U.S. ERO operates more than 4,600 specialty law enforcement and administrative vehicles. The resources and expertise of ERO are utilized to identify and apprehend illegal aliens, fugitive aliens and criminal aliens; to manage them while in custody; and to enforce orders of removal from the U.S. ERO is committed to enforcing our nation’s immigration laws in a fair, effective and professional manner.

About Fleet Management Solutions, Inc.

Fleet Management Solutions, Inc. (FMS) (uat.fmsgps.com) combines GPS technology with two-way satellite communications, intelligent modems and its Web-hosted application, Fleet Director Global, to deliver all-satellite, mobile fleet management and GPS tracking systems. FMS solutions deliver measurable improvements in asset utilization, safety and security, and productivity with rapid ROI. FMS serves customers in government, military, energy, construction, mining and logistics industries. FMS is located in more than 75 countries, providing solutions for use in rugged and remote environments.

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AssetWorks. Inc. is an industry-leading provider of technology and consulting solutions for asset- and infrastructure-intensive organizations in government, education, utilities, telecommunications, transportation, healthcare and the commercial sector. The AssetWorks suite of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software solutions and professional consulting services enable organizations to improve maintenance practices, streamline operations, and improve accountability for mission-critical capital and infrastructure assets.

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FlyteComm is an information services company that aggregates real-time air and ground data from multiple data providers into a secure, browser based geospatial application service. FlyteComm uses the data that is sent to its service from public and private sources, to provide intelligent geospatial air and ground logistics information, reporting, emergency alerting as well as other capabilities designed to meet users operational needs.

FlyteComm’s service is used by customers in industry, local, state and federal law enforcement, fire and first responders. The FlyteComm service saves lives, costs and improves operational efficiencies. Founded in 2000, FlyteComm’s corporate headquarters are located in Mountain View, California. For more information, contact FlyteComm Inc. at http://www.flytecomm.com.

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