Teletrac and Fleet Management Solutions® Poised To Expand Adoption of Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking Technology

GARDEN GROVE AND SAN LUIS OBISPO, California, January 18, 2010 – Teletrac Inc., a Trafficmaster company, and Fleet Management Solutions Inc. (FMS), today acquired by Trafficmaster Plc, are poised to expand the adoption of fleet management and vehicle tracking technology. The combination of Teletrac’s award-winning fleet management and vehicle tracking technologies and FMS’ market-leading, satellite-based tracking solutions for remote mobile assets are a comprehensive answer to urgent business needs related to managing the safety and security of employees and their vehicles.

The acquisition of FMS by Trafficmaster, resulting in a broad, complementary product portfolio, will enable Teletrac and FMS to facilitate the adoption of these new technologies by organizations that have multiple fleets and/or mixed fleets with varying requirements for security, communications, ruggedness, price sensitivity, and timely access to data.

FMS delivers its satellite-based tracking services to a broad range of customers worldwide and has extensive expertise in applying its solutions to specific niche markets such as oil and gas, construction and mining and Government/military agencies, where there is a requirement for highly reliable, secure tracking services to manage assets in remote locations. This is uniquely accomplished through the utilization of the latest communications technologies including the Iridium satellite network which provides “pole to pole” global coverage and offers highly reliable, secure communications.

FMS solutions have been successfully deployed by both the US Government Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and US State Department. Currently, FMS is in the process of equipping the DHS’s Enforcement and Removal Operation’s fleet of 4500 vehicles with its mobile resource management system. FMS customers derive significant benefits from these services, and are able to manage remote fleets in real time, reduce operating costs and enhancing the safety and security of assets.

The FMS product portfolio complements Fleet Director 7, Teletrac’s flagship solution, which helps fleet managers – primarily in the local and long-haul fleet markets − to locate, track and monitor the position and operation of fleet vehicles. Fleet Director provides unprecedented visibility into operations and delivers cost-saving efficiencies such as real-time tracking of vehicles from the desktop, automatic route optimization and detailed reporting for advanced decision support and efficient regulatory compliance.

Already proven and trusted by more than 6,000 fleets operating in the US, Fleet Director saves fleet owners time, money, and reduces their carbon footprint. Teletrac customers report up to 30% lower fuel usage, an average of 15% less driver overtime, 12% higher productivity and less unauthorized vehicle use.

“We are very pleased to welcome FMS to the Trafficmaster portfolio of companies,” stated Drew Hamilton, executive vice president, Teletrac Inc. “While Fleet Director provides exceptional levels of functionality, the combination of Teletrac/FMS product sets will offer access to the latest technologies for a new segment of the market. We are looking forward to working with Cliff Henley and his team at FMS to deliver best-in-class services to new and existing customers.”

“The synergies here enable this team of highly skilled industry veterans and professionals to continue building a world-class organization. The wide breadth of M2M and MRM products, solutions and services are simply unmatched in the industry and provide a quality recipe for success. The resulting model is not only solid and sustainable, but extremely difficult to replicate,” stated Cliff Henley, CEO of FMS. “Most importantly, clients now have immediate access to an expanded line of products, services and resources that meet all fleet tracking requirements regardless of type, size, location or topography.”

About Teletrac

Teletrac, Inc., headquartered in Garden Grove, CA. is a wholly owned subsidiary of UK-based Trafficmaster, Plc. Already proven and trusted by more than 6,000 fleets, in the US alone, Fleet Director saves fleet owners time, money, and reduces their carbon footprint. Fleet Director has most recently been recognized, winning the prestigious 2009 Fleet Van Technology Initiative of the Year Award sponsored by Fleet News Magazine. This award recognizes technological innovation and excellence as well as the tangible benefits and impact of telematics solutions on automotive fleets of all sizes. Additional recognition includes the Fleet Van Award for 2008 for Technology of The Year as well as the 2008 IT and Communications Product of The Year from Green Fleet Magazine. This is particularly significant as it recognizes pioneers of environmental fleet management. Teletrac has been serving the Telematics marketplace for more than 20 years. For further information contact Teletrac at, +1-817-323-1448 or via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

About FMS

Fleet Management Solutions, Inc. (FMS) combines GPS technology with two-way satellite communications, intelligent modems and its Web-hosted application Fleet Director Global, to deliver all-satellite, mobile fleet management and GPS tracking systems. FMS solutions deliver measurable improvements in asset utilization, safety and security, and productivity with rapid ROI. FMS is located in more than 75 countries, operating in rugged and remote environments. For further information contact FMS at, +1-805-787-0508 or via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

About Trafficmaster

Trafficmaster is an expert in intelligent driving. The Group comprises US-based Teletrac Inc. and Trafficmaster Plc in the UK. Both organizations focus on intelligent vehicle services which enhance the driving experience and improve business performance.

Trafficmaster was founded in 1988 and floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1994. For further information visit Trafficmaster’s website at

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