Alerts and Emergencies

FMS Fleet Director Global and the GPS Tracking Devices provide a number of ways to secure fleet vehicles, cargo and drivers. Alerts can be as simple as notification that a vehicle has arrived at a Landmark or crossed into a particular region. Alerts may also indicate a matter of grave danger to the driver and require immediate attention and action. In these cases, real-time messaging and response can make the difference between life and death.

intelligent_tracking_alertsWhen operating in hazardous regions, challenging weather or when accidents just happen, drivers may proactively trigger a message that informs all the right people that emergency response is needed.

In some cases, just the GPS real-time tracking data from the vehicle may indicate an issue, perhaps it has stopped for no apparent reason and the driver is not responding. Through the course of monitoring vehicle progress, perhaps it has entered a zone where they should not be operating and indicates potential trouble. If an accident occurs, how will the driver and vehicle be located?

A simple distress button provided by FMS and connected to the Tracking Device can send the message, or a more elaborate communication can be sent from the Message Display Terminal. With FMS geocoding, the message is encrypted to present the location as well as the notification of trouble.

These tolls may also be used to monitor driver behavior and compliance with fleet policies. After hours operation of vehicles raises liability and increases the cost of insurance and incident-related lawsuits.