Fleet Director Family

FMS and Teletrac combined businesses as Teletrac, Inc. in 2010. The collective strength of the companies delivers GPS fleet tracking systems to more than 100,000 vehicles around the world. The comprehensive Teletrac portfolio of advanced technology solutions for GPS vehicle fleet tracking provides 24/7 reliability in any location, from local metropolitan areas to the most remote and rugged regions of the globe.

Teletrac and FMS Fleet Director products improve operational efficiency, enhance productivity, optimize asset utilization, and improve driver behavior. Ultimately, these benefits support corporate objectives for reducing fleet costs and improving safety. Key differentiators of Teletrac and FMS include:

  • More than 23 years of telematics experience, 500 employees in offices around the world, financially secure
  • A proven track record supporting over 100,000 vehicles in more than 75 countries
  • Continuous re-investment in advanced technologies and solution enhancements based on customer needs
  • A comprehensive portfolio of solutions that support both Iridium satellite and terrestrial data communications
  • The multi-generation Fleet Director browser-based application that improves fleet operational efficiency, productivity, asset utilization and driver behavior

Where common carriers and service fleets require GPS tracking within regions equipped with cellular communications, Teletrac Fleet Director is the best solution. By using terrestrial networks for data communication, Fleet Director provides the most cost effective approach.

FMS specifically offers the all-satellite Fleet Director Global for use where terrestrial communications do not exist or where even occasional lack of connection with vehicles is unacceptable. GPS fleet tracking using FMS Fleet Director Global provides the same high quality GPS Fleet Tracking with features that address the needs of vehicles operating in remote and rugged regions of the world.

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