Intelligent GPS Tracking Devices

FMS in-vehicle tracking devices interact with the vehicle engine control module to put critical fleet operations data at your fingertips.

intelligent_tracking_device1The FMS GPS tracking device mounted in each vehicle, often referred to as a modem, is programmed with sophisticated software that performs calculations locally and proactively communicates the appropriate data back to FMS Fleet Director Global. FMS provides all hardware and software, enabling the system to perform at peak efficiency while making the most effective use of satellite intelligent_tracking_device2communications time and keeping the cost of operation low.

Fleet Administrators determine what information is needed from the vehicles and fleet, and configures the tracking devices directly from Fleet Director Global. By enabling the GPS fleet tracking units to determine what data is needed and when, communications is streamlined and operational data is presented in the most efficient manner.

Combining the near real-time data transmission over the Iridium satellite network with pole to pole coverage around the world, FMS delivers safety and operational efficiency to any fleet.