FMS offers dedicated installation and training at customer specified locations to thoroughly train staff on techniques and best practices for installations, as well as facilitate comprehensive Fleet Director Global training. This "train the trainer" program will insure that the system is implemented in the most efficient manner while ensuring maximum self-sufficiency for troubleshooting and management of changes over time. FMS recommends 2 days of Quick Start Deployment and Training for each facility.

Installation Services

FMS hardware modules and antennas are easy to install and the work can often be completed in 30-60 minutes per unit. If you would like your own service technician to install the equipment, FMS will provide the documentation and training needed to get the job done, and back it up with phone support and troubleshooting advice.

Many customers opt to outsource the installation work to an FMS certified installer. FMS has authorized several highly qualified regional and national service firms to perform third-party installation.

FMS certified installers have years of experience with every type of vehicle, with every conceivable equipment and peripheral configuration, in every category of fleet-based business. FMS installation experts can help you get up and running quickly.

Custom Development Services

Every customer has unique requirements, and many seek features and functions that go beyond Fleet Management Solutions® standard product offerings. FMS has a Professional Services team that can provide this customization for you in a timely and cost-effective manner, to make sure your mobile resource management solution exactly matches your needs.

If you have well-defined requirements, we can offer you a fixed cost solution. This eliminates the uncertainties of development cost and helps in planning your project budget in advance. This is best suited for customers with complete project specifications in place. If you do not already have well-defined requirements, FMS can help you develop a specification and then provide a fixed cost solution.