Support and Training

FMS Support lines are open during the US business hours of 8am to 6pm PST and requests from around the world are processed with high priority on the next business day when they are received overnight. FMS Technical Support staff receives rigorous training and are skilled users of FMS products. Their knowledge spans all aspects of FMS Solutions from Fleet Director Global to the GPS tracking devices to configuration of vehicle tracking devices, setting up alerts and running reports.

FMS maintains a growing Knowledge Base within the Fleet Director Global application, enabling clients to access and benefit from the questions that come in from FMS customers around the world. Sections cover installation, configuration and operation of all FMS components.

FMS also offers proactive support that can keep your fleet operating in top condition. The FMS Fleet Assist program provides you with an assigned, virtual fleet manager who keeps you informed on a regular basis.

Some facts about our support team:

  • The CSR group is required to attend new product and product enhancement training for each new product and/or accessory.
  • A group meeting with the entire CSR group is held each week to ensure all CSRs have the most relevant information needed to address customer inquiries as part of our continuing education program.
  • CSRs are highly qualified with expertise in electronics, computer science, vehicle systems and business management.
  • With units installed in countries all over the globe, our CSR center handles incoming support calls with an average wait time of under 10 seconds – in addition to hundreds of inquiries via email per day, to help keep your business on track.
  • Each CSR is available as part of our Fleet Assist program, acting as a virtual fleet manager for customers interested in the program – providing consistency, fast ROI and added business value.

FMS stays committed to your success for years to come. Every support call begins with an expert: our customer support hotlines are staffed exclusively by FMS-trained and certified professionals who know our solutions and understand your business. Our support staff has far-ranging experience and routinely troubleshoots complex information issues and a range of decision support environments.

You get fast results because our support teams rapidly escalate and resolve issues. Mission critical operation? FMS offers support online and by phone, can embed on-site support with your team, or tailor a program to meet your unique requirements.

FMS’ CSRs are available Monday - Friday, 7am - 6pm PST. Customer support personnel and can be reached by phone (1-805-787-0508), by facsimile (1-805-787-0509), and by email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). Individual representatives can also be reached on their direct extensions by phone and as well by individual email address.